The Deep Web

A search engine like Google has today around 30 trillion individual pages available on the web, and this number grows every day. Site owners decide to put these pages at the disposal of Google, which sorts them by content and other factors. All this information is gathered in an Index, and thanks to complex algorithms, when we insert a search, we have millions of results in split seconds. Well, this is only 10% of the web available. The other 90% are called the “deep web” or “invisible web”, meaning there are trillions of pages that are public, but can not be found by search engines. In the midst of those pages is an assortment of websites, usually containing forbidden content on the normal web, such as online drug markets, or many other types of merchandise, illegal pornographic content, amongst other. What is down there is after all uncertain, some plotting about massive government databases, but when it comes down to it, the whole idea would seem more like an exaggerated urban legend than anything else.


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