Should We Support the Syrian National Coalition?

Last February, Qatar announced it was going to hand over the Syrian embassy in Doha to the Syrian’s main opposition group. Although numerous states have recognized the Syrian National Coalition, none has made place for their representatives over their embassy buildings. Qatar is the first one to do so, and it is also one of the biggest donors of economic and military assistance to the Syrian opposition.

These news reflect one of the most important debates of our times since it is so hard to have a constructed and firm opinion about it. What are the risks of supporting economically and militarily the Syrian opposition coalition? Didn’t the 1980s American aid to Afghanistan show how dangerous aid can be if given to the wrong people? And is it even legal for a country to undermine another’s sovereignty and recognize a coalition as the representative of that country? Finally, do these questionings even matter when more than 70 000 people have already lost their lives?

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