Pakistan’s Government Makes History

In 1947, after fifty years of pressure and struggle from the Indian Muslim League, the modern state of Pakistan was established in the eastern and northwestern regions of British India, where there was a Muslim majority. The history of this ‘First Pakistan’ was short as in 1971 it separated between Pakistan and Bangladesh. Since its foundation, the country’s history was marked by military rule (1969-1988), Martial Law (1958-1985), four wars with India over Kashmir, and numerous periods of civil war. More recently, we will never forget Benazir Bhutto’s return from exile in 2007 and her assassination just two months after on December 27. Yet, recent developments bring back hopes of a peaceful and democratic future for Pakistan. Ashraf’s government has made history this March 16th. After five years of civil government, the mandate came to an end peacefully and with no military intervention. The end of a mandate seems a normal destiny for any democratic country. Yet, for Pakistan, this is an enormous step forward, as the government did not try to stay in power over a coup. This is the first constitutional handover since independence in 1947. Elections are coming, stay tuned!


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