Torture in the Name of Treatment

In 2012, Human Rights Watch launched a terrifying report concerning human rights abuses in China, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, although it is known that countries such as Thailand or Indonesia are also concerned. More than 350 000 people are held in compulsory drug “treatment” centers in these countries. Most of them are drug addicts, but there are also homeless adults and children, sex workers and psychological disabled people. They are held without any access to judgment for months to years, in these centers where they are forced to work, physically and sexually abused, tortured and where drug dependents are not given treatments to stop their suffering. Some are put there by the authorities through arbitrary detentions, others check-in themselves… bottom line none of them is free to leave, and somehow their “treatment” period is constantly extended. Poorly fed, with none or very small medical treatment, in a place where HIV is not prevented, these people live in terrifying conditions, and suicide cases are numerous. More problematic, is that international organizations fund the activities in these centers, often unaware of the abuses that take place there. SPREAD THE WORD…! If you would like to read the report, here it is.


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