The Children of the Valle de los Caídos

The Valle de los Caídos is a catholic monumental memorial in San Lorenzo del Escorial, which is about 40km from Madrid. The Spanish dictator Francisco Franco ordered its construction and is buried there, along with José Antonio Primo de Rivera – the founder of the Falange Española – and with other 33 872 victims of the Spanish Civil War, in what is suppose to be a monument of reconciliation. On March 17, 2013, El Pais published an article entitled “Los Niños Cantores de Franco” describing the lives of children (from 8 to 14 years) who live in a Catholic public boarding school in the Valle. The majority of these children come from families with no resources, receive a very traditional catholic education, while at the same time acquire knowledge in music and singing. They are called the “white voices”. After visiting the Valle de los Caídos and becoming aware of these children’s lives, Italian film director Alessandro Pugno decided to make a movie telling their story. Check out a small bit here.



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