The Lykov Family

The Lykov’s was a Russian family of six people who spent 42 years in complete isolation of the human society in Abakan, in southern Siberia. The family was part of the Old Believers, a fundamentalist Russian orthodox sect, which had been prosecuted since the 17th century. This prosecution only increased with the arrival to power of atheist Bolchevicks. At that time, many Old Believers isolated themselves in Siberia, and in 1936 the Lykov’s followed that path. Taking their two children, some possessions and seeds, they left to the Siberian forest. Their other two children were born there and up until 1978 they had never seen other humans, although they knew there were other people and countries. Indeed, it was only in 1978 that a helicopter flying over that region with a group of geologists, saw there were people living there. These geologists had several contacts with them, but the Lykov’s decided to stay in that same place. For those 40 years, they were unaware that there was a Second World War and a Cold War. You can read more about the Lykov Family here.

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