By now you have all heard about Scientology, but in case you are eager to learn more about it, here are some historic facts. Scientology emerged in the 1950’s United States, through the thoughts of the American Lafayette Ronald Hubbard (1911-1986). This man was a writer, member of the Explorers Club, and particularly interested in ships. Having served in the navy during World War II, after it he started to focus on a “science of the mind”. In 1950 he published his ideas in Dianetics : The Modern Science of Mental Health. For Hubbard, the most basic human instinct is the quest for survival. Moreover, he considered that in some part of our mind we store negative experiences, which he called “engrams”, which are prejudicial to us. To counter these engrams and help people eliminate them, he created “auditing”, a counseling process to help people fight their engrams. Getting rid of engrams, meant that people gained a “clear” mind. Scientology was invented because Hubbard also believe that there must be a separation of consciousness from the body, where one can see his “spiritual self”, the “thetan”. For him, thetans had emerged in the beginning of the universe creation, and they were the ones that created matter, energy, space and time (MEST). For Scientologists, thetans pass from one body to the other (in a kind of “reincarnation”). Without even understanding how and who they were, thetans arrived to the Earth. Thus, the most important belief of Scientology is that individuals must be free (that being the goal of religion according to Hubbard) and therefore its purpose is to assist the individual to make of him a conscious and functioning thetan. The controversy around this belief is not small, and the recent movie The Master, although not explicitly, narrates its emergence.


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