The Physical and Psychological Consequences of War

The Gulf War Illness is a chronic multifunction disorder that affected returning veterans and civilians that fought and volunteer in the Persian Gulf War. 250 000 veterans experienced chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia (chronic widespread pain). Yet in the 1990s, as doctors failed to identify a disease, they either taught they were faking or suffering from post-traumatic stress. In March 2013, the Georgetown university released a study according to which the Gulf War Illness is caused by brain damage. Using MRI machines, it is now easy to diagnose a person with this illness.
Nowadays, after ten years of war in Afghanistan and Iraq, it is more and more common to hear about the consequences that war has on people. How can a soldier come back from a war after having seen the worst of the world and restart like nothing happened? Does a soldier ever truly “come back” to his home?

British photographer Lalage Snow (1981-) took a series of portraits of British soldiers over a period of eight months, which he entitled “We Are The Not Dead”. Indeed, one can see the changes in soldiers’ faces…

Check these shocking photographs.


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