The Yvonne Fletcher Case

Twenty nine years ago, during a demonstration outside the Libyan embassy in London opposing dissidents and supporters of Gaddafi’s rule, a sudden automatic gunfire was discharged into the anti-Gaddafi protesters. Yvonne Fletcher (1958-1984), a British policewoman was on duty and was shot to death in her back. Her murder triggered a diplomatic storm and no one was ever convicted for it. Following the shooting, the embassy was surrounded by armed police for eleven days, in one of the longest and most tense police sieges in London’s history. In 1999, the Gaddafi’s government accepted responsibility for her death and agreed to pay blood money to her family. Only in 2012, did the British police visit Libya for preliminary discussion about the pursuit of the murder investigation. Yet, the case remains open. In case you want to know more about it check it out. Spread the word


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