Girl Rising

A new documentary has recently been released. Girl Rising tells the story of nine girls in nine different developing countries, who overcome a huge amount of socio-cultural-economic barriers, in order to get an education. The documentary is by Richard E. Robbins, who has already won an Oscar for another of his films, and produced by 10×10. 10×10 is a campaign to get girls access to education. Why focus on such a topic? Well, as the founders of the campaign explain, having girls educated can have an enormous positive impact on countries and communities, since they can later better educate their own children. They believe that it can help reduce poverty, child mortality, the population growth, corruption, and even help reduce the incentives that are at the basis of terrorism. The documentary is narrated by actresses and influential women in the world, and is probably going to have an important impact on Western societies, specially amongst women. We hope that the message will pass on as more than just pretty stories, and have some true impact on the field, by getting people mobilized and contributing to women’s education. While it is not at your cinema yet, you can watch the trailer here!


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