Lean In

If in developing countries we talk about getting more rights and education for women, in Western countries, the talk about women focus specially on the “glass-ceiling”. This “glass-ceiling” is a “transparent” barrier which impedes women from reaching to the top places of the working market, despite of their high qualifications or experiences. Sheryl Sandberg, current COO of Facebook, wrote a book entitled Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead, which is now also an organization to promote women’s confidence to “pursue their ambitions”. The book explains that still very few women have “a sit at the table”. This is a tendency not only in politics, but also in business leadership positions. What is interesting is that Sandberg “blames” this tendency, more than in the society in general, on women themselves: she believes they undermine themselves and usually think they have to be less ambitious. She believes a man can more easily gloat about his achievements than a woman, and that therefore, women need to “lean in”. She acknowledges that women have greater handicaps, like bearing children, leaving children at home, amongst others. Her book focus on encouraging women to become more “like men”. This is a very interesting approach, but may be a naive perception of the role that men have had in leaving women “out of the table.”. You can build your own opinion watching Sheryl’s talk on TED.


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