Call Me Kuchu . by Marta Trigo da Roza

Call me Kuchu is a documentary that has been rewarded eighteen times in 2012 but never released in France. Kuchu, means “queers” in Uganda. This documentary explains and shows the life of some homosexuals in Uganda, struggling for human rights in their country. They are not recognised, people hate them, they are prosecuted, and even killed. The law is clear: any person showing gay attitudes shall go to prison, and for the most serious cases of homosexuality, they promise death. David Kato, one of the main characters is the first openly gay man in Uganda, and fights with his fellow activists to defeat the legislation, while combating death in their daily lives. “They kept on saying we are not here. But as of late, we are here.” says David Kato.

Personally, I had the chance to meet a refugee, who told me emotionally her experience, and how she continues to fight for human rights in Uganda. She was prosecuted for being a lesbian, and came to France where her situation is far from being solved: she recently asked for asylum, which was not given to her. Therefore she cannot work and lives without any revenue… “A luta continua!” Check out the trailer here  and Spread the Word


MARTA TRIGO DA ROZA  is a student at Sciences Po Paris, Euro Latin-American Campus of Poitiers  and she comes from Lisbon, Portugal.


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