Tiny Souls . by Eiso Kant

No matter where we come from or what we believe in, we can all agree that a child is born innocent.
In 2012 there were 15.2 million refugees world wide of which 46% were under 18 years old. More than 7 million children were forced to leave their country because of war, persecution or natural disaster. Dina Naser a film maker from Jordan has decided to put a spotlight on the unsung heroes and silent victims of the Syrian revolution, its children.

Dina accomplishes this by capturing the stories of the kids in the Zaatari refugee camp in Northern Jordan. Last month the total number of Syrian refugees reached 1,014,757, of which many of the children have been separated from one or both parents. Dina’s documentary, Tiny Souls, is currently under development but this nine-minute research piece shows you why we should care about the Syrian revolution!


EISO KANT – Besides a fan of talking with friends about interesting facts, Eiso loves wine & cheese. He’s most happy when all three are combined. He comes from The Netherlands.


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