The Lost Boys of Sudan

“We children of the Sudan, we were not lucky”, said a 14 year-old survivor of the Second Sudanese civil war (1993-2005). The Lost Boys of the Sudan is the name given to a group of 20,000 children, mostly boys, between 7 and 17 who were separated from their families. Fearing they would be targeted as potential combatants, these boys left their villages to find refugee in camps in Ethiopia. Yet, over a few months, the survivors who reached the camps had to flee back to camps in the Sudan. From there, after another fighting eruption, they were oblige to leave to Kenya. The Lost Boys walked thousand miles across three countries and more than half did not made it through the journey. Victims of starvation, disease and attack from enemies and wild animals, they are said to be the most badly war-traumatised children ever examined. Since UNICEF has managed to reunite nearly 1,200 boys with their families. Yet, approximately 17,000 remain in camps in the region.


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