The Tarahumaras and Narcotraffic

Near to the city of Chihuahua, in the Sierra Madre Occidental lives a Mexican indigenous people called the Tarahumaras, also known as Rarámuri. The people of this semi-nomadic group are known for being both agile and able to run for long distances, barefoot or with simple sandals. But this people have been suffering for a long time. They have been hardly affected by drought and deforestation due to mining. Moreover, for a few years now, they have been actors in the cartels war, since the narcos have used them to grow drugs for them. More recently, the narcos seem to have discovered the Tarahumaras’ running capacities and are now using them as carriers to take drugs to the United States. There are many accounts of young Tarahumaras to whom sums of $1000-$2000 or less are offered in exchange of running for miles to take drugs to the US, that finally get arrested by the border authorities in New-Mexico. This is a tragic story for a people, that was isolated from the world for a long time, and is now being exploited without no end in sight. Read more about this matter here ) or watch this movie about their running!


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