Should We Rethink School?

The other day we saw a small film on Youtube that claimed that “Education is NOT the same as schooling ”. For most people, school is a synonym of education, and vice-versa.

This short film claimed that we are like soldiers and that the modern school is the result of a wish to control the society: extremely regulated schedules, where one moves when the bell rings, where everything is categorized and ranked, and where the hierarchy is ever growing from the student up to the principal… This replicates in university, and in our daily lives when we work. It seems that this is necessary to a certain extent, since otherwise, how would people accept to be seated in an office everyday, getting a pause for lunch, another for coffee, and when the “bell rings” going home?

We live in a society where we are not allowed to criticize school as children, nor as adults, it is a tabu subject. “We are so lucky to be able to go to school and learn”. Plus, “school gives us discipline and teaches us how to behave in society”. And it was definitely a conquest of our society, to create school and impose/give it to everyone, at least one thing where we are all “equal”.

This is not a manifest for an anarchical system. We are just asking, should school, as we know it, be rethought? Doesn’t school make us think all the same way? Doesn’t it close our minds, making us behave like soldiers, who respond to “bell rings”?

Are we really fulfilled when we are in school as children? If not, isn’t that the proof that the system is flawed? Is school really the determining vehicle through which education should pass? More than that, shouldn’t we go back to the time when school was not that important? Today, not having a diploma seems a death sentence for most people. Finally, is there really an alternative to school as we know it? You can also check out this other film , with which we do not agree entirely, but that points out to the question “is schooling necessary for education?”.


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