Burning Man Festival

Burning Man is known as the biggest contemporary arts festival in the world, and it is held once a year in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada, United States. It started in 1986, when Larry Harvey and Jerry James, burned a two-meter tall wooden figure of a man, in order to celebrate the summer solstice, in front of a crowd in Baker Beach in San Francisco. They repeated the ritual for the next 4 years with taller and taller figures, until the police forbade them from doing so. In 1990, the event was moved to the Black Rock Desert. It takes place now every Labor Day, and it always starts by the burning of the wooden figure. It is a major festival in contemporary art, that attracts more than 50 000 people every year. Each festival has a specific theme, and each year a “city” is built for it, going in accordance with the theme. If it receives famous personalities, such as the founders of Google, you also see people dressed in weird outfits, or just running around naked. Some who
attend it call it an “utopian” society brought to life. Check out their website or this Burning Man’s 2012 edition video.


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