Solidarity. A word that is now more and more used in this Europe of crisis.

It is still a controversial term, specially when it comes down to homeless people. Not everyone is in favor of endorsing or giving money to homeless people. Indeed, it is usual to think that people who are on the street are there because they don’t want to work enough, or because they got into alcohol, drugs etc… Judgmental feelings are common when it comes to this subject. And there is this whole part of society that lives aside, who bottom line is almost less human than the others… Then there are many people who support it and there are a bunch of new initiatives to help those who are less fortunate for misfortunes or choices of life. Indeed, it is possible to talk about the “cafés suspendus”, when a person who is buying a coffee can decide to buy another and offer it to another person, or the initiatives of sharing food. Here is another nice project that we discovered, which is supposed to incentive people to give money to homeless people with cool punch lines such as “Who was the idiot who turned the heater off?” or “When I bet on Paris Saint Germain there was not Zlatan Ibrahimovic yet.”.

Either way, doesn’t solidarity need to be more spread, specially in this time of crisis? Shouldn’t those who are more fortunate try to help the others as best as they can, despite what might have brought people where they are?


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