Art Brut

Art Brut emerged from the work of a few psychiatrists in the late nineteenth century. For doctors, it became clear that some mentally ill patients were producing artworks of unusual quality and power. In the twentieth century, French painter and sculptor, Jean Dubuffet, embraced this so called art, labelling it as ‘Art Brut’, an ‘uncooked’ art created outside the boundaries of official culture, particularly by insane asylum patients and children. Together with others such as André Breton, Dubuffet formed the Compagnie de l’Art Brut in 1948 and fought to attract and collect works of extreme inventiveness by people who were not only untrained artists, but also had no idea of the expectations and pressures of the art industry, the galleries and etc. The essence of Art Brut is that of an artistic movement produced entirely for individual satisfaction, with no regards nor expectations of exhibitions, fame or money. You can read more about it here.

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