Angola’s Future

Angola left a dramatic civil war, that lasted for almost three decades, in 2002. For that long time, the population was neglected, and for the past ten years the country seems to have been rebuilding itself with an astounding force. Indeed, a country so rich in natural resources such as oil, diamonds, or agriculture, has now got one of the most expensive capitals in the world, Luanda, that attracts tons of foreign investors and migrants looking for a better life, or at least income. However, when looking through indexes, Angola is still far from being a developed country. Poverty is striking, inequalities massive, corruption abounds and democracy is neglected. The Ibrahim Index of African Governance of 2012, placed the country in 40 of 51 African countries. The UNDP Human Development Index places Angola in 148 out of 186 countries. Natural resources are exploited by a minority and little is done to help the population get out of misery. We can mention the work of the
journalist and human rights activist Rafael Marques de Morais that has been denouncing for several years the corruption of José Eduardo dos Santos’ government, which even got him arrested for defamation in 2002.

Speculating about Angola’s future, the questions that arise from all this are: Will the political class understand that the country needs a severe reform? Will the world continue to close its eyes, preferring to profit from the natural resources that belong to the Angolan people? Will the Angolan civil society pick matters into its own hands and rise against the inequalities from which a small minority benefits?
You can read more about the matter of corruption here.


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