If You Come Back, We Will Kill You

DRCangola_05720bdOn May 2012, Human Rights Watch published a report entitled “If you come back, we will kill you”. This report concerns the violent relations between the Angolan government and Congolese laborers without a residency permit. Connections between Congo and Angola have always been tense, but the human rights abuses have been growing towards these people. Due to the poor conditions of Congo, many people cross the border in order to find a work in the mining sector in Angola, which has been in recent expansion. When they get to Angola, many Congolese laborers are physically injured and exploited, they usually end up arrested in Angolan jails, where they are even more mistreated and eventually deported in brutal conditions back to DRC. These “voluntary” returns, concern people who need urgent physical and psychological relief, with many women falling victims of sexual abuses. The intention is to frighten these people so that they will not attempt to go back to Angola, although they usually don’t have a choice and do try to go back… This situation is even more complicated since there is little humanitarian assistance to tackle this problem and no international condemnation. Read more about it here.


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