Modafinil: Sleep Less, Fight More

The objective of war is to defeat one’s opponent, and in order to do this one must be stronger, have a better strategy or have a better arsenal than the enemy. Modern military agencies are developing a new strategy : soldiers that sleep less and fight more. Modafinil , a new drug, has appeared with the objective of “reversing” the “negative effects” of sleep depravation. According to the agencies, it is all in the benefit of “saving lives”, by making soldiers more aware and performant during combat. Drugs have always been used to maintain soldiers awake during war, but Modafinil seems to be able to keep a soldier on full-power for weeks, sleeping an average of 4 hours per night. What can be deducted of this? We are turning our soldiers into machines, even more than what they already are. More importantly, the armies which will rely on this drug will inevitably be more performant than their enemies, who will still need to sleep in order to maintain a certain mental health. Maybe William Saletan is right when he states in his article “The War on Sleep”., that “On the battlefield of the future, there is no sleep but death.”…


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