Saddam is Here

A couple of months ago, we read an article telling the story of Kadom al Jabouri, a man who became the face of the fall of Baghdad. With a hammer on his hands, he tried to demolish Saddam Hussein’s huge statue in the city’s Firdos Square, becoming the frontpage of newspapers around the world. Yet, a decade later, al Jabouri gave an interview saying “I hated Saddam,I dreamed for five years of bringing down that statue, but what has followed has been a bitter disappointment.” Indeed, for the majority of Iraqis, the post-Saddam period has been worse than their reality before, with more insecurity and violence, more corruption, and tremendous inflation making their daily lives harder. Yet, Saddam is still very present in their mindsets. A curious and polemic arts project was established by Jamal Penjweny, an Iraqi Kurdish photographer that is trying to capture what he has called “Saddam Is Here”. As he says, “his shadow is still following Iraqi society everywhere”. You can see some of his photographies here!


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