The Begging Mafia

Pakistan Muslims, and some Indian Muslims, believe that giving money to beggars in shrines can give them blessings. This leads the Begging Mafia to take in abandon children to beg. However, it has also lead to an increase of kidnaps of children, by the Begging Mafia, in order to turn them into beggars and gain more money. For the Begging Mafia, disabled children are the most valuable, but even healthy children can be valuable, since they cut their legs, arms or damage their faces. Only in the seaport Karachi, 3 000 children went missing in 2010. The police often doesn’t bother to investigate, since they know how hard it can be to trace the children and even more to recognize them. The accounts of families who have seen their children disappear are endless. People lack a lot of information, and they continue to believe that giving money will be a good thing. There is also the belief that if you give your firstborn to a shrine, you will be saved. Otherwise, all of your other children will be born with mice faces. This practice has been banned, but it has been replaced by the kidnapping of children. Some organizations have been trying to fight this, by teaching people that Islam doesn’t command nor does it support the practice of giving money to children in shrines. But it is not easy and many families never find their children. Hear this chilling account.


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