The Murder of Jairo Mora

His name was Jairo Mora, he was a 26 years old Costa Rican environmentalist and he was found dead last week, on May 31th 2013 in the city of Limon. A student and investigator of tropical biology, Jairo had been very loud in denouncing the leather turtle egg traffic on Caribbean beaches, considered as an aphrodisiac and sold on the black market. Yet, for his work on the Limon beaches, he had gained too much attention from traffickers and started receiving death threats. Following his assassination, Widecast, the organisation he worked in, has cancelled all beach patrols operating in the country. Jairo’s murder is another of a long series of threats and aggressions by environmentalists and their leaders in Costa Rica, one of the countries in the world with the best reputation for the protection and conservation of wildlife. Over the last years, numerous environmentalists have lost their lives, and in 2009, even the offices of the Ministry of the Environment were burned down. Freshwater Action Network is demanding justice for Jairo Mora’s death and demanding protection from the government in environmental organisations. You can know more about it here.


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