Are Men to Blame for Menopause?

All animal females are able to reproduce throughout their entire lives, except for humans. Women are inevitably prevented from doing so due to menopause. Researchers have recently put forward a new theory to explain what provokes this: men. Before, scientists thought that menopause arrived because women grew older and their bodies responded so that they could not leave small children unattended if they died of old age. Now, researchers have come up with a new explanation. It may be due to the fact that men start looking for younger women to mate with, leading the reproductive system to automatically stop working. Some experts question this new hypothesis, and say that probably men prefer younger women because older women are less fertile. It all comes down to the question of which comes first, the chicken or the egg… Either way, scientists are trying to find an explanation to why menopause only affects human females, and a way to revert this process. Read more about it here or here.

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