The Lack of Gay Rights in Russia

Until the collapse of the Soviet Union, being a homosexual was illegal in Russia. Despite its decriminalisation in 1993, sexual freedom still does not exist in the country. In 2012, a Moscow Court uphold that gay prides were to be banned for the next 100 years. Last week, Russian conservatism showed its face again, as the Russian Parliament, the Duma, passed an unanimous bill imposing sanctions for propaganda of “nontraditional” sexual relationships among minors. Despite a lack of definition on what “nontraditional” actually means, the bill’s goal seems clear: Russia’s government is rejecting any open discussion about homosexuality that could be accessible to teenagers. Promoting gay rights on the Russian internet, distributing gay rights material or giving any information to children about homosexuality will thus become a crime. Lyudmila Alexeyeva, one of the oldest and most active Russian activists has said that “this is a step toward the Middle Ages”. Indeed, this is the case to spread the word, blame and shame…


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