The Giant Is Awake

What started as a protest in the streets of São Paulo against the rise of the price of public transports, by R$0.20, has now become one of the biggest manifestations that Brazil has ever seen, leading millions of people to the streets . It has also become a threat to the realization of the World Cup 2014 and the Olympic Games 2016, that are taking place in that same country. The R$0.20 are evidently a symbol of a problem that is much bigger: a growing inflation in the brazilian everyday life in recent years, that doesn’t reflect on a rise of the well-being of most Brazilian citizens. More than that, those R$0.20 are the backdrop of a ever-growing inequality and of a feeling of broken promises by the government towards the people. The giant has awaken and this seems to be only the beginning. As the protesters explain in the streets, the educational system is not good enough, illiteracy rates are still too high, the national health system is very poor and bottom line, as the rich grow richer, the poor grow poorer. In parallel, there are huge expenses for the building of stadiums for the World Cup and the Olympic Games. The rise of prices has not stopped in the last few years, and the bubble that has been growing in Brazil, will necessarily explode in the next few years.


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