The Role of Exercise To Find Happiness

We all want to be happy. Yet, the pursuit of happiness is not always easy and there is no simple remedy to find it. James Blumenthal, a neuroscientist and eight other PhD students at Duke University have published an article entitled “Exercise Treatment for Major Depression”. Gathering 156 adults with major depressive disorders, they split the patients in three groups: the first group was treated with an antidepressant drug, the second group used a combination of exercise and medication and the third group used an exercise only treatment. The results were quite amazing. Treating depression with exercise revealed to be as effective as medication, and the three groups actually generated the same success rate. More interesting is what the researchers observed in the long term. Six months after the end of the treatment, in the medication group 38% of patients had fallen into depression again, 31% of the exercise and medication groups and only 8% of the exercise only group has
relapsed into depression. Quite amazing don’t you think? You can read their article here.


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