What Genetically Modified Organisms’ Companies are not telling us…

Companies like Monsanto spend great sums of money in marketing strategies to show how good their products are for agricultural purposes. However, this is not enough to calm the harsh critics they receive, since the negative effects of GMOs are significant and already observable. First, if the GM-crops they produce have an insecticide gene, with the advantage of killing or driving away many bugs, they also create bugs with organisms more resistant than ever before . Even worse, these crops hinder and kill some of the most important insect species for our planet, like bees and butterflies, and highly damage biodiversity. Moreover, despite what Monsanto-like companies claim, GMOs have the potential to spread from crop to crop, modifying the genome of crops that are supposed to be GMO-free. Most importantly, these GMOs are extremely prejudicial for farmers and for underdeveloped countries. For instance, in India (http://india.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/10/16/in-india-gm-crops-come-at-a-high-price/) , farmers pay huge amounts of money to have these GM-seeds, that ultimately require much more water and care than the others. Its Ministry of Agriculture is now blaming these companies of an increase of the suicide rate amongst farmers. Although these companies say they will put a stop to food-crisis in Africa, they tend to be very prejudicial, and as a group of 18 African countries told the United Nations’ FAO “We strongly object that the image of the poor and hungry from our countries is being used by giant multinational corporations to push a technology that is neither safe, environmentally friendly nor economically beneficial to us.” Governments do not seem yet eager to tackle this problem and put an end to GMOs, but this has to happen for our own well-being. The world does not need GMOs.


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