Against a Tide of Evil, Mukesh Kapila . by Boban Thomas

“Our lives begin to end when we remain silent about things that matter; There comes a time when silence becomes betrayal” – Martin Luther King Jr.

A recent book about the now well-documented genocide in Darfur – Against a tide of evil – by Mukesh Kapila makes for inspiring reading. While it is a book about the genocide, it is about the harrowing personal experience of the author himself, who was the whistleblower that allowed the world to discover the truth of what was happening there. It is an inspiring story of courage because it takes something special to go against the tide.

Kapila, a physician by training, was the head of the UN mission in Sudan in the early years of the 21st Century, when the proposal for a final solution in Darfur was made by the Sudanese government in Khartoum. Eventually against the indifference of many even in the organization he represented, he blew the whistle through the media.

It is a riveting book, well-written and substantiated by documentation that the author had access to. Whistleblowers are usually not at the top of the organization, like Kapila was, which makes the story even more interesting. This book should be read by anyone who has any interest in international affairs.

BOBAN THOMAS is a Doctor and a good friend. He’s from Kerala, India but lives in Lisbon, Portugal.


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