The Work of Sebastião Salgado . by Carolina Fantini

Sebastião Salgado, a Brazilian-born photographer has just released his latest work of art: Genesis. As a recognized and awarded photographer, Salgado is well known for his long-term projects, dedicated to full immersion in the world’s most dispossessed and unknown places, in order to portray its life trough shoots, only using Kodak film. He tends to live with his subjects for weeks before he even takes a picture. On his previous work Migrations, Salgado pictured the humanity in transition. During this period, he lived through hard moments, most in Rwanda where he saw “the total brutality” watching the deaths of thousands every day, loosing his faith in humankind.

Just after that experience, Salgado was diagnosed with a series of diseases and infections, which according to his doctor were a reflection of all the deaths he had seen. Salgado was dying. The cure would be quitting photography. Yet, after a season in Brazil, he decided to return to photography, picturing the origins of the word. During eight years he travelled the globe picturing its most preserved species of animals and landscapes in order to raise awareness for the necessity to preserve them.

You can watch his TED talk here!

CAROLINA FANTINI is an International Relations Student in Brazil at PUC-SP. She lives in São Paulo, Brazil.


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