The Hypocrisies of Democracies…

This week, we had a bunch of news which are, for the least, shocking. First of all, France is now under fire for being another one of those countries which spy on their people. According to the newspaper Le Monde, the DGSE (the french “secret services”) has access and monitors all of the communications of French citizens, from emails to text messages, to Facebook or Twitter, creating a huge database… Secondly, Edward Snowden, the man who revealed to the world the existence of PRISM, and is now stuck in a Russian airport, is seeking asylum. The shame in it, is that until this weekend, all the countries for which he applied refused to grant him asylum, since he is a traitor… Does America still create so much fear, or do all these countries just endorse the US’ (and several other countries’) behavior? Finally, we saw several countries in Europe (France, Italy, Portugal, Spain) refusing to let the Bolivian President Evo Morales fly over their airspace… Why? For fears that he might take Edward Snowden in the plane with him. May one like Evo Morales or not, this is really quite a shame for any country. Now, faced with the wrath of other Latin-American countries, France claims she is sorry for this behavior. Well, for the good part, due to this, Edward Snowden received this weekend several offers of asylum, one of them from Bolivia, another from Venezuela and another from Nicaragua… Controversial offers to say the least, but maybe the only offers Snowden will get.


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