Can we educate children to be innovators?

Education experts Dr.Tony Wagner and Dr. Robert A. Compton, recently publisthed a book called “Creating Innovators, The Making of Young People Who Will Change the World”. Looking at young American innovators such as the first iPhone inventor Kirk Phelps, the authors wanted to understand if there were certain patterns of education that would stimulate kids to become innovators. How could parents and teachers foster the development of young people for them to be creative enough to become innovators? They did identify a pattern. According to Wagner, creative plays and games while you are a child are determinant to spark one’s imagination and thus to form curious and innovative teenagers and adults. We have not read the book, but you can see some interviews of the authors here. Although their purpose is extremely interesting, are we really that much of a product of our childhood habits? Are we born creative? Or is our innovative capacity determined by being stimulated since the age of 3?


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