Happiness and Loneliness

We don’t know if you saw or read the story of Christopher McCandless, the American adventurer whose life was portrayed in the 2007 movie Into the Wild. Chris was found dead after 119 days living in the Alaskan wilderness, while on a journey to “find himself” away from civilisation.  Yet, “Happiness is only real when shared”, his story showed. in  2010, French writer Sylvain Tesson, lived alone for six months in a forest cabin in Siberia. He published his diary called “Consolations of the Forest”. Indeed, happiness seems only to be real when shared. We need socialisation to fell joy. We need to feel “sympatheia” to be truly conscious that we are living (together) a moment. The core of our happiness thus does not depend on us. If we realise this, maybe we will be happier with our own lives and enjoy more both company and solitude. This post ain’t gonna bring you information nor random facts that will enrich your culture. It is just a small reflexion how we should appreciate the ones we love everyday. After all, happiness is only real when shared.


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