Yemen’s Torture Camps

This week, BBC issued an impressive documentary, about the terrible journey that Ethiopians face to escape from the lack of opportunities they have back home. Fleeing from misery, they buy a passage for around $200 to cross the Red Sea until Yemen, in order to reach Saudi Arabia and find a job. They go on boats so crowded that some of them suffocate. Most of those who arrive in Yemen, fall victims to bands of kidnappers, who torture, rape, and hold these people captive in torture camps. These criminals demand that the families back in Ethiopia pay enormous amounts for ransoms, in order to let them go. However, many times, even when the families pay, they are not let go. When they are, they still have to walk for 500 km, to reach Saudi Arabia. Of course, this traffic of people generates huge amounts of money in the failed State of Yemen. Many people, and allegedly also Yemen’s militaries, receive money along this horrible chain of crime. Fortunately, some of these Ethiopians are able to reach refugee camps. However, their dreams are completely shattered since the moment they start their voyage to find a better life. Even when they get to the border with Saudi Arabia, they have to face barbed wires and militaries, preventing them from completing their journey. Watch this amazing documentary by Yalda Hakim, that reminds us how lucky we are.


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