The Idea

Dear all,

In our daily lives, most of us cannot afford to waste time learning about random subjects. We hear about things that we don’t always know, but about which we would like to find out more.

We (Maria Roquette and Sofia Jalles) are very fond of discussing things/subjects/events/affairs and learning more and more about those things we hear about. We often wonder how something came to be the way it is, or who was who, where he/she came from, what he/she did, or even what is the purpose of a certain thing. We regularly argue around topics of which we are unsure, or what are their precise facts. Fortunately, internet gives us the amazing possibility of looking for all these things we don’t know about and learning about them.

Our curious personality, and a couple of very wise friends, gave us the idea of starting a newsletter. Thus, every week, we brought you some “knowledge” about something we discovered each day. After 24 editions, we decided it was time to take it to the next level.

The J.R. Chronicle is the outcome of a will to evolve into something new. Hence, every day we will publish a small article, following the same previous style, allowing you to comment and share your ideas with us.

After all, it is all about sharing.


Feel free to send us feedback at


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