Giving Pledge

A couple of months ago we published an Inuit proverb saying: “May your charity increase as much as your wealth”. It was precisely this quote that came to our minds when we learned about ‘The Giving Pledge ‘campaign. Created in 2010 by the magnates Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, ‘The Giving Pledge’ started as a project to encourage the richest Americans to give half of their wealth to philanthropic causes. Their goal was to inspire people to do the same they did. Quickly, the campaign became global with billionaires from Australia, South Africa, Germany, Russia, India and United Kingdom coming on board and committing to share their wealth. Despite the absence of a legal contract, all pledges are a moral commitment; and until now there have not been disappointments. Today, there are more than 400 billionaires that promised to leave at least half of their fortunes to charity. Among them are Mark Zuckerberg, Patrice Motsepe, Michael R. Bloomberg and Diane von Furstenberg. Each of them has pledged to give their money to a particular cause or organization they chose. Let’s hope this campaign continues to be a success. After all, it shows that the world is not dominated by greed!


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