Palestinian Clandestine Babies

A couple of weeks ago, Le Monde published an article that disclosed the tale of what they call “the Palestinian clandestine babies”. The article told the story of Salam Nazzal, a 30 year old woman born in the West Bank, whose husband has been detained in Israel since 2002. On Saturday, August 10th, despite the prohibition of conjugal visits to Palestinian prisoners, Nazzal had just delivered a baby boy from her husband. How? That is the interesting part.

Since 1996, Palestinian Dr. Salem Abou Khaizaran, has dedicated his career to get Palestinian prisoner’s wives pregnant through in vitro fertilization. The prisoners’ sperm is illegally seized in the prison in Israel and has to arrive in the West Bank in less than 24 hours – otherwise the sperm dies. According to the newly mom, “this pregnancy is a public act of resistance”, “they are defying Israeli occupation”. The question about the methods of the ‘sperm illegal exit’ remains “one of the best kept secrets of Palestine”.


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