Generation 9/11

Following the May 2011 Operation Neptune Spear – the operation that lead to the death of the founder and head of al-Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden – US President Barack Obama declared that the Islamist organisation had been decapitated and the war on terror would soon be won. The reality today is quite different. Al-Qaeda is still spreading its influence, most particularly, implanting itself in weak and failed States: from tribal zones in Pakistan and Yemen to the war-ravaged land of Iraq. As since its foundation, al-Qaeda is prospering from chaos and violence.

Reading about the story of al-Qaeda, we realised to which Historic period we belong. We do not remember of the Cold War. For us the world is a different place. We are the generation of 9/11. We live in fear. Just as our parents feared a nuclear conflict during the Cold War, we fear to be in a hijacked airplane every time we go to the United States and we fear a bomb every time we are in a super crowded event in a big city.

Of course, we do not suffer as those who live in a country at war. Nevertheless, we live in this extremely lawful and peaceful environment where one day, for no reason, we are killed by a bomb while doing tourism.

We are generation 9/11. We live in fear.

Do you agree?


One thought on “Generation 9/11”

  1. I agree with you. However, I think you shouldn’t forget to add that it is up to us to overcome this fear, in order not to let it rule our lives.

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