A Narco-State

Guinea Bissau, a small country in West Africa, is today recognized as one of the biggest narco States in the world, with drugs passing from Latin America to Africa and then to Europe. For ten years now, West Africa has been a hub of cocaine coming from the other side of the Atlantic in cargos, through which a fourth of Europe’s consumption passes. The amounts of money it generates are not negligible. In the ancient portuguese colony, the main trafficker is the army, that collaborates with Colombian guerilleros and governmental officials.

Indeed, corruption abounds in this Failed State (according to the 2013 Failed States Index), that has been facing an immense instability since 2009, with transitional governments and coups d’état. In April 2013, the United States’ Drug Enforcement Administration made a storming operation in Guinea Bissau, in order to try to dismantle the drug smuggling business. During this operation, the DEA arrested two military officials claiming to be in international waters (which was found that they actually were not), under the pretext that drug trafficking affects international governance, posing a threat to United States’ citizens.

The biggest problem of this State remains violence related to organized crime, and the indoctrination of the young Guinea Bissau’s population. The problem of drug trafficking highly affects all West Africa, and should be tackled at the international level. The non-handling of this issue shows that the Organization of African States remains an organism far from being able to handle with the problems of this continent. Read more about it here.


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