The Third Billion

At the beginning of 2013, the Harvard Business Review issued a report with the 100 best-performing CEOs in the world. In 100, only two were women. This is certainly weird: is it that women are less competent? Less performant? Less business-oriented? Is it because they don’t get a place at the table? Or is just that for too long they were family-oriented, and they haven’t separated from that role yet? Whatever the reason that might underly this lack of women in powerful positions (whether in business, politics, or high hierarchical positions), it is clear that women want and need to access these ranks.

The Third Billion is an expression used to describe the at least one billion women that are not given a seat at the table, in industrialized and developing countries. It is estimated that in the next few decades, more and more will be able to climb, and that leaving them out will no longer be an option. Booz & Company is the management consulting firm that is behind this analysis and the promotion of this idea, that aims at empowering women and focusing the world’s attention for the benefits of having them around. Pretty much all researchers agree that the more women are entitled to participate in the world’s economy and politics, the more benefits the entire society will get out of it. This is a matter of national politics, it is a matter of national economy, and all those that envision a more equal future must fight for the Third Billion to raise.

Thank you Beatriz Branco Gonçalves for giving us to know the Third Billion!

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