The Nation Room – Embassy of No Land

This week, we were introduced to this amazing blog, Africa is a Country, a blog sharing the ‘work of Africans and non-Africans about the continent and its diaspora’. It was good to find intelligent and fun media with people who want to challenge our knowledge and understanding of the African continent. We strongly encourage you to take a look at it.

Anyways. We discovered this cool project, The Nation Room – Embassy of No Land (Salão da Nação – Embaixada de Terra Nenhuma), where Angolan visual artist, Kiluanja Kia Henda, and Portuguese architect, Paulo Moreira, have mixed arts and politics. Indeed, this Luso collaboration for the Lisbon Architecture Triennale, is embedded in politics. In a time of discontent for politicians and diplomacy in general, The Nation Room project is, as its name indicates, an “embassy of an imaginary nation that does not represent any particular time or place”. Weekly, NGO’ workers and activists meet at roundtables, debates and performances to discuss their ideas about citizenship, activism and social inclusion.

All of you in Lisbon, go check it out and come tell us about it.


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