“A Bridge Between Western Science and Eastern Faith”

It is quite amazing when one reads news that show that what we think as stoical can actually evolve. Religions tend to have difficulty in adapting to modernity and one is always surprised to see reforms. We read this article today, “A Bridge Between Western Science and Eastern Faith”, and it is indeed quite spectacular to see an attempt to reconcile a religious belief and the indisputable veracity of science. What are we talking about? The Emory-Tibet Science Initiative, a unique project aimed “at expanding the horizons of knowledge for Tibetan monks and nuns” at the Emory University (USA). Buddhism teaches that nothing in the universe happens without a cause. It is thus important to acknowledge what happened in the universe to perhaps identify its cause. As the Dalai Lama stated “Modern science is very highly developed in matters concerning the material world. The Inner World and the material world separately are not complete. Together, the external and the internal world are complete”. At Emory University, monks attend mathematics and science classes with the aim of eventually becoming teachers back in their monasteries in India and Nepal. There is yet an extremely hard translation problem: as the author points out, “How does one create new words for concepts like photosynthesis and clones, which have no equivalent in the Tibetan language and culture?” You can learn more about this initiative here.


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