Our New Collaborator: Vasco Sousa Cotovio

We are very proud to let you know that every week from now on, we will have the pleasure to read Vasco Sousa Cotovio. Indeed, every Thursday he will write a Chronicle. We are very glad that he is joining us, and thank him very much for believing in our project.

Read about Vasco here!

“I was born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal, where I studied for most of my life: from the Economic Sciences in high school, to Media Studies at the Faculty of Human Sciences of the Portuguese Catholic University.

The change of scenery happened later and only after accumulating almost 3 years of professional experience in journalism. From Lisbon to London, to the Queen Mary, University of London, where I reread forgotten authors, consolidated ideas, and specially where I extended my knowledge. Living abroad has been an important step in my personal and professional growth, allowing me to expand my horizons and to develop new skills.

From high school to the Master’s in International Relations, every professional and academic choice took into account my dream of one day becoming a war reporter. I believe it is one of the moments where good journalism is most needed and I intend to contribute.

Besides journalism, I have a passion for martial arts. I have been practising Songahm Taekwondo since I was 16 and I earned my black belt in August 2010. My dedication to the sport bore fruit when, in 2012, I qualified for the World Championships and then finished among the top 10. However, the greatest challenge is the one I am now preparing to embrace, as I start the instruction course.

I also have writing, oenology and travelling as hobbies.”

1. Why did you decide to join our project?

“I would say that besides my passion for the topics here discussed, I am a fan of the ideals behind the project. I have always been a curious person (a key asset for a journalist) and I find the JR Chronicle’s search for knowledge interesting, as well as motivating. Your purpose fits into my ideal of what journalism should be – instructive, analytical, defiant – and I felt it would be a good opportunity for me to write about the subjects I like the most.”

2. What are the issues that motivate you to write? What can readers expect from your chronicles?

“I’m passionate about international affairs and politics and that will be my area of focus when writing for the JR Chronicle. I think it is an area that allows me to touch on, pretty much, every subject. From economics to sport, from famine to fashion, from health to war, everything falls into this domain. The fact that there are so many possible themes is one of the features that make it such an attractive area – there is so much to ask, to explore, to learn. However, what I value the most is the impact it has on people’s lives, touching their very aspect. In sum, you can expect something touching this topic. However, its vastness will make my predictability very unpredictable, I hope.”


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