Banksy in New York

Is art over-rated? Banksy, the anonymous British artist, is maybe proving that it is. He is now back in New York, making some of his well-known art and it is making a fuzz. For the month of October, he decided to go around several neighborhoods making stencils, for which people line up to photograph.

More than an artistic statement, Banksy probably does political statements. In “Better Out Than In”, one of his most recent ideas was to put several of his original works for sale on the streets, for $60. He was not the one selling the art-works, but an old man. Only six people bought them because no one knew they were the “real-deal”. His art has already been sold by $1.87 million. He is also making moving installations like the “Sirens of the Lambs”, a livestock truck full with animal farm toys.

On the other hand, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is very opposed to these public displays, calling them vandalism, and stating that “Graffiti does ruin people’s property”. The police is apparently looking for him to charge him on vandalism accounts, and the New York Post published a news stating “Get Banksy”. This latter’s answer: “I don’t read what I believe in the papers”. The problem with this, is that some of his “works” are also being “vandalized” or erased.

Not knowing who Banksy is creates a mystic ambiance around him, that in a certain way gives his art-works even more value. What he does is undeniably interesting and a very good food-for-thought. But the question remains. Is it overrated?

Either way, check out his website, where he has been exposing his works in New York!


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