The Koch Brothers

Obama has several wars going on. Some abroad, some very close to him. The war against the Tea Party has been going on since 2009. The recent shutdown of the government shows that there is a serious problem inside american politics. But who is behind this?

The Koch brothers are very “low-profile” people, of whom we rarely hear about in the international press. David and Charles, have both more than 70 years old and a fortune estimated at around $35 billion. More than conservative they are highly libertarian. These billionaires are behind a very important part of the funds of the Tea Party and many other conservative organizations. It is estimated that on these “enterprises” they have already given more than $100 million. They believe that the State should play a much smaller role, with less (to no) taxes, less regulation of industry and economy, and less (to no) social helps.

Despite vehement denials, being strong opponents of “Obamacare”, it seems that their latest investment was freezing the Congress. Among other things, Koch Industries is one of the most polluting companies in the United States, and the brothers highly support lobbies that deter from legislation related to environmental protection and climate change.

The Koch brothers and their money are able to move the political scenery of the United States. How terribly sad that is for a democracy… Blame and Shame?…


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