Cordel Hull

As we scrawled down in the Nobel Prize website, looking through the Peace laureates and trying to get some inspiration to write about this week’s personality, we learned that the 1945 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Cordell Hull.

Cordell Hull (1871-1955) was an American politician from Tennessee who held the position of Secretary of State from 1933 to 1944 – making him the longest-serving US Secretary of State. An advocate of trade liberalization, his work during the 1930s decade, is mainly known to have foster closer relations between the US and Latin America. During the Second World War years, he was of course a key figure of the US National Defense strategy. You can listen to his 1940 speech where he stressed ‘the necessity to prepare for the threat of Nazi and Japanese aggression’. Nevertheless, what distinguishes him the most is his contribution to the postwar world as he remains known as the “father of the United Nations”. When Hull stepped down as Secretary of State in 1944 because of his weak health, Roosevelt described him as “the one person in all the world who has done his most to make the great plan for peace (The United Nations) an effective fact”. The following year, he received the Nobel Peace Prize. He remains a central figure in the history of American politics.


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