Immigrants, Politicians and the Stupidity one believes…

To all of you who ever heard that it’s harder to get out of the economic crisis because immigrants are taking all the jobs; to all of you who ever said that immigrants should leave your country because they are too costly; to all of you who believe in this nonsense: It is about time to change your mind.

Why?  First because you’re clever than that, and second because there is proof that you are wrong.

Why are you clever than that? It’s quite simple. In politics, every time there is a severe economic problem, politicians need to deviate the attention from it. There is no need to be very attentive to realize that every time there is a painful budgetary vote or a painful economic bill to pass, right-wing parties use the immigration card. After all, who better to be the scapegoats of politicians than those who are weak and that will hardly defend themselves? Immigration is not one of the roots of crisis, it has never been, it will never be. It’s important to keep this in mind.

How come there is proof?

Well, the proof comes from the United Kingdom. Of course, this is only one example and we are talking about one of the world major economies. Still, the example speaks for itself. In case you don’t know, this year, under the slogan “You won’t like it here”, the UK considered launching a campaign in Romania and Bulgaria in order to convince their nationals not to go to the UK. Since then, the anti-immigration campaign in the country is rising in popularity as more and more people want to limit migrants entering the country. In response to this, two independent institutions, the University College of London and the National Institute for Economic and Social Research, decided to study the economic impact of immigration. They found out that “from 1995 to 2011, EU migrants contributed 8.8bn more than they received in benefits”. And although non-EU migrants contributed less, they still added 2% more than they took out. Rather than being a weight, immigrants are actively contributing to the country’s wealth.

Do not fall in the mainstream trap. Blaming immigrants for our countries’ problems is a complete nonsense.


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