The Lake that turns animals into stone

Nature really keeps on surprising us. It is always funny to read a news and realise that what is nowadays explained by science, would certainly be associated with curse in the past. Indeed, we discovered what would definitely be called a doomed lake i.e. the Lake Natron, a saline lake in northern Tanzania, close to the Kenyan border. Less than three meters deep, the Natron lake can reach temperatures of 60°C and reach a pH level of 10.5. In other words, animals that come in contact with the lake’s water have their skin completely burn, die and than mummify into stone. As National Geographic explains here, the harsh conditions of the lake are due to its proximity to the volcano Ol Doinyo that spreads alkari-rich natrocarbonatites that end up in the lake. Surprisingly, despite the difficulties to survive in such an environment, the lake is the home of no less than 2 million lesser flamingos that choose the lake as their breeding ground, due to the fact that predators avoid the area. British photographer Nick Brandt, known to photograph exclusively in Africa went to photograph this lake that turns animal into stone. He published the book “Across the Ravaged Land” which photos you check here.


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